Champions of the Nentir Vale

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 1

I lie on the ground, resting for the next 6 hours and I find myself reviewing the events that took place over the past few days…

Traevis. The cart carrier. Kind enough to help me with my things on my way to Fallcrest… Goblins ambushed us and I was intimidating enough to scare them off, BUT they stole something… Ah yes. The box. Traevis asked me to find it but told me specifically not to look into it. He will give me 30 gold for the return of that box. I decided to track them alone as it would be more stealthy, but was overpowered and forced to flee. Oh, I can’t forget… The Black rider. He was riding a horse and seemed to be the leader of the goblins.

The quest. I returned to town to conveniently find a bar. Grabbed myself a beer and couldn’t help but hear an exchanging of words. “Oh yeah. Traevis took me here as well. He said he was looking for a box that some goblins stole. Said he’d pay 30 gold for the thing. 30 GOLD!”
“He told me the same thing! This must be pretty important…”
I walked over to the gambling table to be greeted by a party of adventurers. A fairly tall Elf cleric cloaked in white robes of holy stature who I now know as Gingo Uchari. Joined by a Human fighter. Strong, large, and wielding an impressive looking sword about his waist. His name is Eshanath. “Gentlemen, I can’t help but overhear your conversation and I believe that I could be of some service.” I introduced myself and my background on Traevis and this box. We formed an alliance known as “The Brethren” and set out to kill some goblins and retrieve this box.

The crossroads. On the way to the hideout the goblins were using, we were poorly ambushed by some goblins and what appeared to be their wolf friends. We easily managed to defeat them and treaded onward.

What will come next? Will we be greeted by more enemies? Will the cave even have the box? Sigh I guess only time can tell…


Ionath Kenan_Millet

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