Champions of the Nentir Vale

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 4

Well today was a very successful day, but something just doesn’t add up… Maybe if I go over the events that took place here today, I will have some luck…

The pale Assassin. The Rider in Black. The mystery of the box. We proceeded through rooms fighting monsters until we came upon human guards and a strange, pale, human looking creature. We started fighting and in-between slashes, I asked the pale one why he was here. He replied that he is just paid to kill intruders. He isn’t even with the guards. Rillian told him we would pay him if he doesn’t attack us. He replied, “Deal with the guards first we’ll see how things turn out”. He then took a defensive stance as we dealt with the guards. After slaying the guards, the pale one said he would tell us everything he knows if we let him free. He told us that Traevis and this Necromancer who hired him have been fighting over this chest for years. He also said the Necromancer is in the room to the right. We spared the pale assassin and let him go. After a 5 minute rest, and a thorough investigation for traps, we continued to the necromancer’s room. Even though I was stealthy in opening the door, he magically sensed our presence and told his skeletal minions and enormous zombie to deal with us. The battle began and ended within 5 minutes and we killed the necromancer and his troops. I recognized the necromancer as the rider in black who lead the goblin ambush and the stealing of the box. A chest revealed 200 gold coins. I took five of them, and gave everyone including myself 25 each. Since I promised my next find to Soveliss, he took 25 of my 30 coins. The box which we needed to return was on a table and open. I was told not to look into the box so I didn’t. The rest of my party, however, thoroughly studied the box and its contents. They then proceeded to ruin my innocence by relaying their findings to me. Inside the box was a powerful necromancy skull. We decided to take a rest in the room for the night. This leads to my current position now. It still doesn’t add up… What would Traevis want with this skull? He obviously knows that it’s in the box because he told me not to look in it. Is Traevis a necromancer too? Is he trying to destroy the skull? If we get caught carrying this around, we will be imprisoned and then killed by town guards. We can’t just give him the skull. If he is a necromancer, he could kill us easily with that kind of firepower. Maybe we could bury the box outside the cave and tell Traevis where it is buried so he can dig it up. That would give us a chance to spy on him and figure out what he intends to do with such an object. Nonetheless, I will rest for now and my thoughts may be answered later…


Ionath Kenan_Millet

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