Champions of the Nentir Vale

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 5

Well, we have our box, but now what do we do with it? We explored all there is to explore here, but we can’t just walk out of here with this box in our hands, can we? Whatever happens, we need to get out of this stupid dungeon. I’m sick of this place. Not much happened between now and the last rest…

Being stealthy, I opened the door to the next room without being noticed, however, my loud and klutzy brother made a distinct noise and startled a hobgoblin that I was going to sneak up on. The hobgoblin stood next to a ring of stone with a bunch of lit coals. We entered combat bloodying the creature fairly quickly; however it managed to throw burning coals at my whole party igniting them aflame. I luckily was able to dodge one flying coal as the rest stopped in front of me. He then proceeded to call in reinforcements. If there is anything I hate more than pests in this world, it is pests who shout for reinforcements. Reinforcements came and were able to attack me from behind and attack my brother from the side. We quickly exterminated them and dealt with the hobgoblin. After defeating them we searched a few rooms and found some items that may be of importance later. With that, we rested.

So what? Are we going to just leave this wretched place? We didn’t forget anything did we? That dragon only owned a small portion of this area because Malarath, the Black rider took the rest over. With him gone, the dragon will surely take the whole place for his own… Ooh and he has treasure. I want a piece of that before we leave… I can’t just walk away with an armful of treasure in my hands without being caught though… We will need to kill him first… That’s it. We will kill the dragon, take the treasure and get out of here.


Ionath Kenan_Millet

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