Champions of the Nentir Vale

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 6

Well today was a rough day. We fought a lot of battles that I found… Difficult. Let’s review.

We woke up and I told the party my idea. “I say we go slay the dragon.”
“You’re crazy.” Gingo replied
“With 7 of us it is feasible.”
“We are going to die”
The argument between Gingo and I continued like this for quite some time until I decided that I would go and anyone who was with me was more than welcome to follow. Following me was Rillian and Eshanath About 30 seconds later, Gingo followed bringing with him Iados, the dragonborne and Soveliss. With the seven of us around the dragon’s room, I attempted to stealthily open the curtain of the room, but the dragon heard the curtain rings slide along the top bar holding the curtain up. Thinking quickly, I ran along a wall, using the speed and momentum that I gained to power my attack. I pinpointed the most fatal spot in the dragon’s back and threw a dagger there precisely hitting it at the perfect spot damaging it badly. Using what was left of my momentum; I flipped my body around and ran along the same wall in the opposite direction performing the same move gaining two strikes on the dragon weakening it majorly before it could even retaliate. Losing my momentum, I landed back onto solid ground. Infuriated by this, Faron, the dragon, blasted a breath of cold ice in my direction. I had quick enough reflexes to dodge the blow, however, when the blast hit the wall, it created an explosion of ice and I was badly bloodied in one blow. Thinking that this may have not been a good idea, I ran along the opposite wall and threw a dagger at the dragon’s neck causing him to bleed profusely, however, seeing as how he was a dragon; it would take a lot more than that to kill him. The doors on the other side of the room from the curtains opened up as a magical spell was cast by Iados causing the dragon to fall prone and defenseless. After hearing the groans of agony, pain, and suffering, from such a large blow escaping my lips, Rillian burst through the doors near me in attempt to save his brother. He charged forward taking a large slash with his newly found battleaxe at the dragon’s head, taking advantage of the fact that the dragon could not defend itself very well. “Get behind me brother!” He shouted to me and I took cover nearby the door. As Soveliss approached from behind the curtains, the Arcane Circle glowed a bright white light. The light shot from it in a very small beam like lightning. The lightning reached out and around Gingo, grabbed Soveliss and pulled him into the circle and into the great beyond. “NO! Soveliss!” I was shocked at the loss of my party member, but I had to save my emotions for later. I had to keep focused on the battle. Gingo then stormed through the curtains casting a small shield around me as sword that looked as it was made of light rose from the ground and slashed at the evil dragon. Eshanath took his turn as he raised his sword. The dragonborne (not the dragon) charged in slashing at the dragon once with his great sword and breathing fire at the dragon. The shield protecting me helped some, but I feared that if the dragon awoke again I would surely be killed. Fearing for my safety, I endured the pain of my bleeding leg and moved behind my party ran up a wall and jumped off of it. Using my gained height, I threw a dagger at his head with great precision. Due to the spell Iados cast, the dragon fell asleep. We all ganged up on the dragon throwing attack over and over until finally the dragon woke up. Not wanting to die, we all threw one final attack at the dragon. It roared in agony and promptly fell the ground collapsing on the heap of treasure.
After taking a five minute break for me to heal myself with my remaining healing surges, I could finally think straight again. Well great. Now how are we supposed to get the treasure when a huge heavy dragon is lying dead on top of it? Just as I thought that we wasted our time, Rillian and Eshanath were able to roll the dragon off of the heap of treasure revealing 140 gold coins and a turquoise gem that seemed of great value. I decided to take the gem and the gold was divided between the rest of the party evenly. With the box of death and the treasure in our packs along with our weapons in hand, we decided to leave the dungeon, however when we got near the entrance, we found that a 10 foot radius of the area had caved in making it impassable. So, we had to find another way out. We remembered the door where the dragonborne and Soveliss (God bless his soul) were brought into the dungeon through sacks. We decided to go through there. It just so happened that this was the right entrance that we chose not to go through. We ended up in the cave right outside of the dungeon. The faint aroma of rain wafted through the air. I cannot speak for the rest of my party, but I could make out three skeletal beings searching through something on the soaked ground as the rain poured down on them. Wanting to get a closer look, I snuck behind a wall when my loud brother decided to march out into battle in a very non-stealthy manner. A tiefling necromancer (why is it always the necromancers) called out to him, “Do you work for Malarath?”
“No I do not.”
“Do you have the box?”
“I cannot lie to you. No I do not.”
“I think you do,” she called to my brother. Afterwards calling out to me, “You may as well come out. I know you are there.” Thinking that she may have been bluffing, I decided to not move from my position. “Very well then. Ready your weapons.”

This is why I hate necromancers:
1. They can bring back their minions after you kill them
2. They always know you are hiding no matter how stealthy you are because they have magic
With that, we entered combat. I leaped out from behind my cave wall and quickly located the most lethal point before throwing a dagger at the first skeleton I saw. He collapsed to the ground and disintegrated into a pile of ash. Rillian charged forward and took a swing at one of them and was able to kill them with ease. It was at that moment that I realized that I wasted my energy and effort on such a weak creature. After many rounds of killing skeletons, killing her pet rat-like creature, and her undead skeletal horseman two times in a row, we managed to kill the female Tiefling mage. After searching the bodies of the foes we killed, Iados found 3 pearls seeming to be of high value and a bag. Gingo and Iados both called out, “Oooh, a bag of holding…” Because it was he who found it, Iados was able to keep the bag of holding and the three pearls for himself. Spoiled brat. How come he gets all the treasure?

We still don’t know what to do with the box… Well I better get some rest so I can think clearly in the morning when we make our decision.


Ionath Kenan_Millet

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