Champions of the Nentir Vale

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 7 part 1

Well this has to be the most boring hike I’ve ever been on… Nothing to do but walk and listen to my thoughts…

We woke up from the inside of the cave. The Nynga’s dead body still laid there soaking the wet grass. We saw light covering the grassy plains meaning the storm had passed. Specifically, it passed to the west. Upon looking at the storm clouds, the lightning stuck out like a sore thumb. It appeared to be the same lighting that pulled Soveliss into the arcane circle. Always hitting the same spot as it struck the ground, it seemed to be traveling west as if creating a line for us to follow. Soveliss had to be there. After packing our things and placing the box in our newly found bag of holding, we followed the mysterious lighting in search of our missing companion. When we arrived at the crossroads, we noticed that the lightning held its position in one spot at the center of the crumbled tower in the middle of the crossroads. Seeming to be moving in slow motion, the lighting cycled to the ground and then back to the cloud. We decided to go back to town in order to learn more about this lightning. Moving ahead of everyone else, I walked along the dirt road keeping my distance from the tower. To my dismay, I made my presence aware of a guard drake. It growled at me alerting it’s friend and master. “Do you have my box?” a voice came from above. I looked up to find a man standing at the top of the crumbled tower 30 feet above the ground.
I swear if one more necromancer asks me for this stupid box I’m going to stab somebody. “Yeah, what about it?” I replied as two thugs and a goblin walked out from behind the tower. The goblin looked similar to the invisible mage that we fought in the dungeon. We conversed with the mage for a while and I ran over to the side of the tower. I looked at a silhouette of a humanoid figure floating in the lightning. I recognized it to be Soveliss. Don’t worry Soveliss. I thought to myself, I’ll get you out. I looked at the goblin and after a quick examination; I realized that the goblin was the source of the lightning. His outstretched hand seemed to be causing the lightning to continue surging through Soveliss’ body. I need to get him to move his hands… Rillian asked the man standing atop the tower for the 30 gold we were promised so he could still get the reward he was promised. The man stated that in our current situation, we should be lucky he hadn’t killed our companion yet. I pulled out my lasso, and we decided to attack. The goblin went around the corner of the tower, turning his back to me. With that, I snuck up behind him, placed the lasso around his neck and pulled it snugly around his neck. Over the gag that he made, I could faintly hear the sound of a guard drake and the two thugs dying. “Let’s get nice and comfy shall we?” I cleverly remarked and handed the rope to my brother. With a tug, he tightened the rope. In attempt to stop himself from choking to death, he put his hand to the rope and struggled to break free from his restraints. Looking up, I noticed that the lightning stopped and heard a loud thud. This loud thud just so happened to be Soveliss falling to the ground from his elevated height. Teleporting right behind us, Soveliss commented on his injury, “What in the name of Pelor were you thinking?”
“Take it easy, we just saved your ass.” Rillian replied while putting his foot up against the gobbling and tightening the rope.
“Saved my – I just fell 30 feet!” Soveliss stood there.
“30 feet huh?” I made a mental note in my head, “Well are you dead?” I sarcastically asked.
“No but—”
“But nothing!” Rillian swung his axe at the goblins head chopping it off easily due to the goblin’s restraint, “I think we deserve some credit. In case you didn’t notice, you had lightning shooting through your face!”
“In case YOU didn’t notice, I just fell 30 feet and I’m very badly bloodied!”
“Then use up a healing surge and get over it. We have a dying cleric to save.” I replied taking my rope back from Rillian. Remembering my mental note, I subtracted 5 feet from the 30 foot drop that Soveliss took and coiled up 25 feet of rope.
“Whatever.” Soveliss casted a large ball of fire hitting and setting aflame the man standing atop the tower, one guard drake and two skeletons that seem to have been created by the necromancer.
Great. Looks like our friend knows how to raise the dead. I muttered while climbing the tower. Upon getting near the top, I took the end of the rope that wasn’t tied in a lasso and tied a bowline knot around me making sure to leave the 25 feet of space I coiled up around me.
“Arise.” The necromancer chanted raising his arms up and reviving his dead skeletons and the dead guard drake nearest to him.
Well, I better get this over with… Taking my rope lasso, I was about to place the rope around him when he let out a bloodcurdling shriek and vanished. Well there went my idea, but I guess the fire thing worked too… (to view Exxidion’s unexecuted plan, go to Chapter 7 part 1&1/2) upon looking down, I noticed a badly bloodied cleric being teamed upon by the guard drake and the two skeletons. One skeleton held him down while the other basked him very badly. At that moment, I knew the guard drake was going to finish him off. The guard drake’s jaws chomped down, and barely missed my friend giving him the opportunity to heal. He made his escape from the skeletons and backed up while healing himself. From my elevated height, I managed to hit a skeleton badly, but didn’t kill him. The rest of my party finished off the three creatures. Scaling down the tower, our party rejoined and took a short 5 minute rest. Confirming that the box was still in the bag of holding, we left the bloody scene treading onwards towards the town…

Hey… it looks like we are here. Yes this must be Fallcrest. I recognize the gates.

“Greetings Adventurers.”

Who are these guys? Monks seeming to be of little importance and random timing at the front gates of Fallcrest welcoming our return? I guess I’ll just go with it and will find out more later.


Ionath Kenan_Millet

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