Champions of the Nentir Vale

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 7 part 1&1/2

Exxidion’s plan:

Geez this goblin is oblivious… I just need to get this rope around his neck…

Okay, I’m sick of this necromancer guy… Let’s see… Fighting him on top of those ruins can prove to be dangerous… Soveliss was hurt fairly badly from falling down that height… If I could make him fall then he would be hurt badly, we would all be able to attack him, and he would be prone giving us the advantage/…

Okay, it’s over his head… and… there we go; it’s around his neck…

I could push the necromancer, but he’s probably bigger and stronger than I am…

“Let’s get nice and comfy shall we?”

Fell right into my trap. Go ahead and struggle your way out goblin. If you do, Soveliss will be free…

Let’s see… back to this necromancer guy. I have a rope… I know. I will lasso him, tie a bowline around myself and jump off. Rather than pushing him with 15 pounds of pressure, I can pull him by jumping off the ledge with 76 pounds of pressure. But I don’t want to take the same damage he took… I know! I’ll find a way to stop myself 5 feet from the ground. Now… how high is this tower…?

“Saved my – I just fell 30 feet!”

“30 feet huh?” Ah yes that’s it. 30 feet. “Well are you dead?”

I can adjust the length between the lasso and my bowline to 25 feet so that I will stop 5 feet from the ground when I hit the bottom of my rope…

Well, the goblin is dead… One down, one to go…

Hitting the bottom of my rope will cause the necromancer to fall and while he is falling 30 feet, I will be falling five. Alright so let’s review…

Step 1: Coil rope to 25 feet
Step 2: Scale tower
Step 3: Tie bowline around myself at end of coil
Step 4: Place lasso around necromancer while saying, “You want your box?”
Step 5: Tighten lasso
Step 6: Say, “Let’s go get your box”
Step 7: Jump off
Step 8: Prepare myself for the 5 foot landing that is to happen a split second after hitting the bottom of my rope
Step 9: Gather party around him
Step 10: Attack him while he is bloodied and prone


Ionath Kenan_Millet

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