Champions of the Nentir Vale

Journal of Gingo Uchari 1/23/11

Our troubles have not ceased. The ornate box containing a skull for necromancy had left us trodden in in our dieties’ wake. We had foolishly agreed to terminate the rein of the white dragon lounging on his pile of coins and easily outnumbered him. Sovelis would have made this feat even less of a challange and this temple was as quiet as a graveyard after the fight. Upon waking up the next morning there was rain pouring down outside the cave that shrouds the secret entrance to the temple. Travis and the black rider weren’t the only ones searching for this item. A young attractive tifling woman, a wererat she called Clyde, and a batalion of the undead beckons us and does not hesitate to threaten us to hand over the box. Negotiating was pointless and the only option we had left was to fight. Being a cleric, I could make the undead minions she posesses suffer. With sovelis missing this fight would have been easier. Not only does this vile object have interest to mavleolent beings everywhere, but somehow as I write in this diary, I feel we will not be respected by the citizens of fallcrest.

-Gingo Uchari cleric of the sun.


Ionath roxtarr95

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