Champions of the Nentir Vale

journal of Gingo Uchari 1/30/11

The rain from yesterday was nothing more than an unnatural aura that lead us to the location of our eladrin ally. An arcanic force suspends Soveliss 30 feet in the air of a glowing black purple and blue lightning. At his eye level there stands a human necromancer demanding answers on the location of the box. He was not alone. two drakes, thugs, and a timid goblin holding the massive spell on soveliss, were waiting patiently for orders from their malevolent master. trying to reason with this man was served no purpose and after a failed negotiation, there was a battle for supremacy on our hands. I had yet again almost lost my life. Durning the fight the necromancer was nothing more than a solid aperation. He could still raise his minions into undead which left a zombie to clutch onto me while the other one had beat me close to demise. As I stood there, I had to heal. Either that, or die. The battle waged on. Exxidion had a genius plot that would put the vile schemes of this unholy being to an end. Sadly our allies had shot him miles away to the point of death. Hours later, we strut our way back to Fallcrest to get some rest and to discover the intentions of Travis.


Ionath roxtarr95

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