Champions of the Nentir Vale

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 3

Today was probably the most heart pounding, life threatening day of my life… Let’s review.

The dream. During my rest, I had a dream that two of the rooms we walked through were different… Interestingly, my party had that same dream. We decided to investigate further after untying the ropes holding our doors together to keep out intruders. However when opening the doors, we found two large sacks moving about. We untied them and were greeted by two confused adventurers. An eladrin mage named Soveliss and a dragonborne slayer named some strange name that I couldn’t remember so I just referred to him as “hey idiot” as that would always manage to get his attention. Both of them were stripped of weapons and armor. We exchanged stories and they joined The Brethren. I took the horse that we saw last night and tied it up outside of the dungeon in case we needed a swift getaway. Eshanath and Iados stood guard in our room so we could return to it as a safe haven. Rillian and Soveliss went back to the dragon room to do something of little importance. I, however, had my own plans. I returned to the room with the trap carpet and came upon a realization that we had missed a pair of large wooden doors and that was what was different in my dream.

“something of little importance” (behind the scenes) Note that Exxidion had no idea and still has no idea that this happened Rillian and Soveliss went to the dragon room. Soveliss cast a spell to convince the dragon that he was a friend. The Dragon gave Soveliss darkleaf leather armor. They passed through double doors in the dragon room that they dreamt about, fought a goblin and found Soveliss and the dragonborne’s (Who’s real name is Donaar) armor and weapons.

The room of despair. Looking through the doors, I found an interesting design on the floor of a large room. Alternating squares changed color from light to dark and no two of the same colors were ever adjacent to each other. There were stone statues across the room. One seemed to resemble a female who was of royalty. Three resembled grunt soldiers. One resembled a knight on a horse. One was an elephant carrying a siege tower. The room seemed suspicious, so I investigated it for traps. After walking three square forward, I took my fourth step. That must have been the most painful step of my life for I felt that my foot was on fire, yet there were no flames. My foot was forced back into place and my body was being pulled to my left and my right. I decided to go to my right because I had hurt my left foot and it would be more painful to move in that direction. I was joined by Gingo and the dragonborne. “Hey idiot! This place is controlled by some psychic power! Gingo studied the room and recalled that we have to move in certain directions based on our position when we step into the room. Only two positions were available to step on so your movement style options were limited to two. He also explained the statues have to follow these rules and each type of statue moved differently. With that the statues came to life. The horseman seemed to move similar to me so I decided to copy its movement style which seemed to be “L” shaped. Gingo also moved in the same style as me while the dragonborne moved anywhere diagonally. I handed the dragonborne a dagger, for he was weaponless. After a long and harsh battle, we managed to defeat the statues. It was at that moment I learned how valuable a cleric is, for he saved my life. I also learned to never split up from my friends again. We lay there, three bloody heaps of organs, skin, and clothing. Barely having the strength to breath, we almost died in that room. I could not help the situation for I could not pull together the strength to get out any of my healing surges from my backpack. Luckily, Soveliss and Rillian arrived and found us right in time as we were on the brink of death. We healed up and I found the horse stolen. Upon further investigation, I noticed the horse was not there long, for he did not leave any droppings behind. We then stayed the night in our previous room. I noticed that Soveliss had some armor with him. Noting that it was lightweight and would serve no purpose to a fighter or a mage, I asked him if I could have it. He agreed as long as the next thing I found that he could use, I gave to him. I agreed and the armor was mine.

So in total, I almost died,to a bunch of statues and got some armor. Awesome. Time to go to sleep.

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 2

Well, today was… today was really something…

The cave. At the entrance to this cave, we were joined by a tiefling mage named Iados. Joining him was a familiar looking elf. Seemed almost too familiar… “Rillian? Rillian Marks?” I called out.
“Exx? Brother?” He greeted his adopted halfling brother with a warm hug, lifting me off the ground. We exchanged stories and my long gone brother joined our party. We came to a split decision when entering the cave in which we were forced to make a choice: take the left entrance, or take the right entrance? Since left is best, I spoke for the party and we took the left. When entering, we encountered guards. My party made small talk while I was able to stealthily sneak behind one. They did not want us there and the brawl began. I flanked the first guard and stabbed him in the back. Our party quickly dispatched the guards and their reinforcements. After I thoroughly checked the whole place for traps, we moved onwards. After going through a couple rooms that don’t mean much to me, but obviously meant a lot to my new cleric friend, we took a 5 minute break and I investigated a hallway only to find a baby white dragon that breathes ice. I snuck back to my party to tell them the news. Rillian, being the arrogant person that he is, tried to sneak up on the dragon with his heavy, loud, not sneaky armor. He knocked down a curtain and I heard my brother curse in elven. “Who dares disturb The Great Faralon?” The dragon roared. Gingo Joined my brother while the three of us remaining snuck to an alternative entrance that I found in my little trip. We waited there for something to happen. Rillian and Gingo tried to speak to the dragon in a polite manner, but he was annoyed by this and found us three. He told us to no longer disturb him and we left with two party members getting frostbitten feet. Rillian, like always rushed up ahead and before I could inspect a suspicious looking carpet for traps, he alarmed one and just barely avoided it. Sadly, that alerted two monsters in the room and they attacked. With a sigh, I entered combat, gaining the first strike; I quickly threw a dagger at a goblin damaging him brutally. We managed to take them down. After going through many rooms and battling many creatures, we came to a room with some goblins and to our left was a horse who was leashed. Suddenly some goblins came and attacked us. Two of them charged towards us while one of them opened a door in the back of the room as an unidentifiable creature walked out. We handled the goblins and the creature and an invisible mage started casting spells on us. Thinking quickly, I pulled out my rope from my backpack that I had earlier tied into a lasso. Using the knot at the end to assist, I swung the rope in a large circle and managed to pinpoint the invisible mage. Quickly our whole party gathered around him and defeated him while he was near us. I went over to the horse and upon closer examination, I realized that this looks like the same horse the rider in black was on. He must be here. We then found a fountain that would give us our healing surges back if we drank its contents. After regaining our surges, we decided to fill our water skins with it. We walked into a room that we believe he came from. In the room was a circle that Iados informed us to be a magic circle that will protect us from fire. Nearby was an ever-burning torch that could cast fireballs if we were magical enough. We then took a rest for the night bringing me to where I am at now… I wonder where I can learn to become as stealthy as that mage… Who knows… For now, I rest.

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 1

I lie on the ground, resting for the next 6 hours and I find myself reviewing the events that took place over the past few days…

Traevis. The cart carrier. Kind enough to help me with my things on my way to Fallcrest… Goblins ambushed us and I was intimidating enough to scare them off, BUT they stole something… Ah yes. The box. Traevis asked me to find it but told me specifically not to look into it. He will give me 30 gold for the return of that box. I decided to track them alone as it would be more stealthy, but was overpowered and forced to flee. Oh, I can’t forget… The Black rider. He was riding a horse and seemed to be the leader of the goblins.

The quest. I returned to town to conveniently find a bar. Grabbed myself a beer and couldn’t help but hear an exchanging of words. “Oh yeah. Traevis took me here as well. He said he was looking for a box that some goblins stole. Said he’d pay 30 gold for the thing. 30 GOLD!”
“He told me the same thing! This must be pretty important…”
I walked over to the gambling table to be greeted by a party of adventurers. A fairly tall Elf cleric cloaked in white robes of holy stature who I now know as Gingo Uchari. Joined by a Human fighter. Strong, large, and wielding an impressive looking sword about his waist. His name is Eshanath. “Gentlemen, I can’t help but overhear your conversation and I believe that I could be of some service.” I introduced myself and my background on Traevis and this box. We formed an alliance known as “The Brethren” and set out to kill some goblins and retrieve this box.

The crossroads. On the way to the hideout the goblins were using, we were poorly ambushed by some goblins and what appeared to be their wolf friends. We easily managed to defeat them and treaded onward.

What will come next? Will we be greeted by more enemies? Will the cave even have the box? Sigh I guess only time can tell…

Gingo's journal entry for 1/16/11

weeks ago, Travis, a merchanting dwarf, had been traveling the winding roads of this fallen empire and had an ornate box stolen by goblins and a shady black rider. weeks later our first adventure as a party went underway and a humanoid creature had shed some light on information we had desperately been seeking. By giving us intelligence on who the black rider was, we had faced him up close along with his platoon of the undead. We had easily overrun them with 7 people and discovering that inside the box was a skull for the vile practice of necromancy. Although this object we now posses leaves us with a mark that makes everyone we encounter think we are necromancers. All I know is that blood will drip from bodies tomorrow when our escape begins.

New faces, downtime, and Wizard's Chess

Session 3

* Exxidion earned the nickname “Cowboy” due to his penchant for horses and rope tricks… ;) After coming to the conclusion that the horse might be a liability in the close quarters of the temple complex, Exxidion decided to tie the horse up right outside of the entrance. When he returned to check on the horse, it was gone.
* Gingo really showed how valuable a cleric warpriest is when the combat turns ugly.
* Rillian showed everyone the proper way to talk to monsters that could bloody you in one attack.
* Donaar and Soveliss were discovered by the rest of the party tied up by one of the temple entrances. The party freed them and allowed them to join. Eventually, they located their personal effects deeper within the temple complex.
* Eshanath and Iados holed up in a secure location in case the party needed to retreat to safety.


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