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Brethren Before Wenches

Boots of Escaping

Boots of Escaping

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 7 part 1&1/2

Exxidion’s plan:

Geez this goblin is oblivious… I just need to get this rope around his neck…

Okay, I’m sick of this necromancer guy… Let’s see… Fighting him on top of those ruins can prove to be dangerous… Soveliss was hurt fairly badly from falling down that height… If I could make him fall then he would be hurt badly, we would all be able to attack him, and he would be prone giving us the advantage/…

Okay, it’s over his head… and… there we go; it’s around his neck…

I could push the necromancer, but he’s probably bigger and stronger than I am…

“Let’s get nice and comfy shall we?”

Fell right into my trap. Go ahead and struggle your way out goblin. If you do, Soveliss will be free…

Let’s see… back to this necromancer guy. I have a rope… I know. I will lasso him, tie a bowline around myself and jump off. Rather than pushing him with 15 pounds of pressure, I can pull him by jumping off the ledge with 76 pounds of pressure. But I don’t want to take the same damage he took… I know! I’ll find a way to stop myself 5 feet from the ground. Now… how high is this tower…?

“Saved my – I just fell 30 feet!”

“30 feet huh?” Ah yes that’s it. 30 feet. “Well are you dead?”

I can adjust the length between the lasso and my bowline to 25 feet so that I will stop 5 feet from the ground when I hit the bottom of my rope…

Well, the goblin is dead… One down, one to go…

Hitting the bottom of my rope will cause the necromancer to fall and while he is falling 30 feet, I will be falling five. Alright so let’s review…

Step 1: Coil rope to 25 feet
Step 2: Scale tower
Step 3: Tie bowline around myself at end of coil
Step 4: Place lasso around necromancer while saying, “You want your box?”
Step 5: Tighten lasso
Step 6: Say, “Let’s go get your box”
Step 7: Jump off
Step 8: Prepare myself for the 5 foot landing that is to happen a split second after hitting the bottom of my rope
Step 9: Gather party around him
Step 10: Attack him while he is bloodied and prone

journal of Gingo Uchari 1/30/11

The rain from yesterday was nothing more than an unnatural aura that lead us to the location of our eladrin ally. An arcanic force suspends Soveliss 30 feet in the air of a glowing black purple and blue lightning. At his eye level there stands a human necromancer demanding answers on the location of the box. He was not alone. two drakes, thugs, and a timid goblin holding the massive spell on soveliss, were waiting patiently for orders from their malevolent master. trying to reason with this man was served no purpose and after a failed negotiation, there was a battle for supremacy on our hands. I had yet again almost lost my life. Durning the fight the necromancer was nothing more than a solid aperation. He could still raise his minions into undead which left a zombie to clutch onto me while the other one had beat me close to demise. As I stood there, I had to heal. Either that, or die. The battle waged on. Exxidion had a genius plot that would put the vile schemes of this unholy being to an end. Sadly our allies had shot him miles away to the point of death. Hours later, we strut our way back to Fallcrest to get some rest and to discover the intentions of Travis.

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 7 part 1

Well this has to be the most boring hike I’ve ever been on… Nothing to do but walk and listen to my thoughts…

We woke up from the inside of the cave. The Nynga’s dead body still laid there soaking the wet grass. We saw light covering the grassy plains meaning the storm had passed. Specifically, it passed to the west. Upon looking at the storm clouds, the lightning stuck out like a sore thumb. It appeared to be the same lighting that pulled Soveliss into the arcane circle. Always hitting the same spot as it struck the ground, it seemed to be traveling west as if creating a line for us to follow. Soveliss had to be there. After packing our things and placing the box in our newly found bag of holding, we followed the mysterious lighting in search of our missing companion. When we arrived at the crossroads, we noticed that the lightning held its position in one spot at the center of the crumbled tower in the middle of the crossroads. Seeming to be moving in slow motion, the lighting cycled to the ground and then back to the cloud. We decided to go back to town in order to learn more about this lightning. Moving ahead of everyone else, I walked along the dirt road keeping my distance from the tower. To my dismay, I made my presence aware of a guard drake. It growled at me alerting it’s friend and master. “Do you have my box?” a voice came from above. I looked up to find a man standing at the top of the crumbled tower 30 feet above the ground.
I swear if one more necromancer asks me for this stupid box I’m going to stab somebody. “Yeah, what about it?” I replied as two thugs and a goblin walked out from behind the tower. The goblin looked similar to the invisible mage that we fought in the dungeon. We conversed with the mage for a while and I ran over to the side of the tower. I looked at a silhouette of a humanoid figure floating in the lightning. I recognized it to be Soveliss. Don’t worry Soveliss. I thought to myself, I’ll get you out. I looked at the goblin and after a quick examination; I realized that the goblin was the source of the lightning. His outstretched hand seemed to be causing the lightning to continue surging through Soveliss’ body. I need to get him to move his hands… Rillian asked the man standing atop the tower for the 30 gold we were promised so he could still get the reward he was promised. The man stated that in our current situation, we should be lucky he hadn’t killed our companion yet. I pulled out my lasso, and we decided to attack. The goblin went around the corner of the tower, turning his back to me. With that, I snuck up behind him, placed the lasso around his neck and pulled it snugly around his neck. Over the gag that he made, I could faintly hear the sound of a guard drake and the two thugs dying. “Let’s get nice and comfy shall we?” I cleverly remarked and handed the rope to my brother. With a tug, he tightened the rope. In attempt to stop himself from choking to death, he put his hand to the rope and struggled to break free from his restraints. Looking up, I noticed that the lightning stopped and heard a loud thud. This loud thud just so happened to be Soveliss falling to the ground from his elevated height. Teleporting right behind us, Soveliss commented on his injury, “What in the name of Pelor were you thinking?”
“Take it easy, we just saved your ass.” Rillian replied while putting his foot up against the gobbling and tightening the rope.
“Saved my – I just fell 30 feet!” Soveliss stood there.
“30 feet huh?” I made a mental note in my head, “Well are you dead?” I sarcastically asked.
“No but—”
“But nothing!” Rillian swung his axe at the goblins head chopping it off easily due to the goblin’s restraint, “I think we deserve some credit. In case you didn’t notice, you had lightning shooting through your face!”
“In case YOU didn’t notice, I just fell 30 feet and I’m very badly bloodied!”
“Then use up a healing surge and get over it. We have a dying cleric to save.” I replied taking my rope back from Rillian. Remembering my mental note, I subtracted 5 feet from the 30 foot drop that Soveliss took and coiled up 25 feet of rope.
“Whatever.” Soveliss casted a large ball of fire hitting and setting aflame the man standing atop the tower, one guard drake and two skeletons that seem to have been created by the necromancer.
Great. Looks like our friend knows how to raise the dead. I muttered while climbing the tower. Upon getting near the top, I took the end of the rope that wasn’t tied in a lasso and tied a bowline knot around me making sure to leave the 25 feet of space I coiled up around me.
“Arise.” The necromancer chanted raising his arms up and reviving his dead skeletons and the dead guard drake nearest to him.
Well, I better get this over with… Taking my rope lasso, I was about to place the rope around him when he let out a bloodcurdling shriek and vanished. Well there went my idea, but I guess the fire thing worked too… (to view Exxidion’s unexecuted plan, go to Chapter 7 part 1&1/2) upon looking down, I noticed a badly bloodied cleric being teamed upon by the guard drake and the two skeletons. One skeleton held him down while the other basked him very badly. At that moment, I knew the guard drake was going to finish him off. The guard drake’s jaws chomped down, and barely missed my friend giving him the opportunity to heal. He made his escape from the skeletons and backed up while healing himself. From my elevated height, I managed to hit a skeleton badly, but didn’t kill him. The rest of my party finished off the three creatures. Scaling down the tower, our party rejoined and took a short 5 minute rest. Confirming that the box was still in the bag of holding, we left the bloody scene treading onwards towards the town…

Hey… it looks like we are here. Yes this must be Fallcrest. I recognize the gates.

“Greetings Adventurers.”

Who are these guys? Monks seeming to be of little importance and random timing at the front gates of Fallcrest welcoming our return? I guess I’ll just go with it and will find out more later.

Journal of Gingo Uchari 1/23/11

Our troubles have not ceased. The ornate box containing a skull for necromancy had left us trodden in in our dieties’ wake. We had foolishly agreed to terminate the rein of the white dragon lounging on his pile of coins and easily outnumbered him. Sovelis would have made this feat even less of a challange and this temple was as quiet as a graveyard after the fight. Upon waking up the next morning there was rain pouring down outside the cave that shrouds the secret entrance to the temple. Travis and the black rider weren’t the only ones searching for this item. A young attractive tifling woman, a wererat she called Clyde, and a batalion of the undead beckons us and does not hesitate to threaten us to hand over the box. Negotiating was pointless and the only option we had left was to fight. Being a cleric, I could make the undead minions she posesses suffer. With sovelis missing this fight would have been easier. Not only does this vile object have interest to mavleolent beings everywhere, but somehow as I write in this diary, I feel we will not be respected by the citizens of fallcrest.

-Gingo Uchari cleric of the sun.

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 6

Well today was a rough day. We fought a lot of battles that I found… Difficult. Let’s review.

We woke up and I told the party my idea. “I say we go slay the dragon.”
“You’re crazy.” Gingo replied
“With 7 of us it is feasible.”
“We are going to die”
The argument between Gingo and I continued like this for quite some time until I decided that I would go and anyone who was with me was more than welcome to follow. Following me was Rillian and Eshanath About 30 seconds later, Gingo followed bringing with him Iados, the dragonborne and Soveliss. With the seven of us around the dragon’s room, I attempted to stealthily open the curtain of the room, but the dragon heard the curtain rings slide along the top bar holding the curtain up. Thinking quickly, I ran along a wall, using the speed and momentum that I gained to power my attack. I pinpointed the most fatal spot in the dragon’s back and threw a dagger there precisely hitting it at the perfect spot damaging it badly. Using what was left of my momentum; I flipped my body around and ran along the same wall in the opposite direction performing the same move gaining two strikes on the dragon weakening it majorly before it could even retaliate. Losing my momentum, I landed back onto solid ground. Infuriated by this, Faron, the dragon, blasted a breath of cold ice in my direction. I had quick enough reflexes to dodge the blow, however, when the blast hit the wall, it created an explosion of ice and I was badly bloodied in one blow. Thinking that this may have not been a good idea, I ran along the opposite wall and threw a dagger at the dragon’s neck causing him to bleed profusely, however, seeing as how he was a dragon; it would take a lot more than that to kill him. The doors on the other side of the room from the curtains opened up as a magical spell was cast by Iados causing the dragon to fall prone and defenseless. After hearing the groans of agony, pain, and suffering, from such a large blow escaping my lips, Rillian burst through the doors near me in attempt to save his brother. He charged forward taking a large slash with his newly found battleaxe at the dragon’s head, taking advantage of the fact that the dragon could not defend itself very well. “Get behind me brother!” He shouted to me and I took cover nearby the door. As Soveliss approached from behind the curtains, the Arcane Circle glowed a bright white light. The light shot from it in a very small beam like lightning. The lightning reached out and around Gingo, grabbed Soveliss and pulled him into the circle and into the great beyond. “NO! Soveliss!” I was shocked at the loss of my party member, but I had to save my emotions for later. I had to keep focused on the battle. Gingo then stormed through the curtains casting a small shield around me as sword that looked as it was made of light rose from the ground and slashed at the evil dragon. Eshanath took his turn as he raised his sword. The dragonborne (not the dragon) charged in slashing at the dragon once with his great sword and breathing fire at the dragon. The shield protecting me helped some, but I feared that if the dragon awoke again I would surely be killed. Fearing for my safety, I endured the pain of my bleeding leg and moved behind my party ran up a wall and jumped off of it. Using my gained height, I threw a dagger at his head with great precision. Due to the spell Iados cast, the dragon fell asleep. We all ganged up on the dragon throwing attack over and over until finally the dragon woke up. Not wanting to die, we all threw one final attack at the dragon. It roared in agony and promptly fell the ground collapsing on the heap of treasure.
After taking a five minute break for me to heal myself with my remaining healing surges, I could finally think straight again. Well great. Now how are we supposed to get the treasure when a huge heavy dragon is lying dead on top of it? Just as I thought that we wasted our time, Rillian and Eshanath were able to roll the dragon off of the heap of treasure revealing 140 gold coins and a turquoise gem that seemed of great value. I decided to take the gem and the gold was divided between the rest of the party evenly. With the box of death and the treasure in our packs along with our weapons in hand, we decided to leave the dungeon, however when we got near the entrance, we found that a 10 foot radius of the area had caved in making it impassable. So, we had to find another way out. We remembered the door where the dragonborne and Soveliss (God bless his soul) were brought into the dungeon through sacks. We decided to go through there. It just so happened that this was the right entrance that we chose not to go through. We ended up in the cave right outside of the dungeon. The faint aroma of rain wafted through the air. I cannot speak for the rest of my party, but I could make out three skeletal beings searching through something on the soaked ground as the rain poured down on them. Wanting to get a closer look, I snuck behind a wall when my loud brother decided to march out into battle in a very non-stealthy manner. A tiefling necromancer (why is it always the necromancers) called out to him, “Do you work for Malarath?”
“No I do not.”
“Do you have the box?”
“I cannot lie to you. No I do not.”
“I think you do,” she called to my brother. Afterwards calling out to me, “You may as well come out. I know you are there.” Thinking that she may have been bluffing, I decided to not move from my position. “Very well then. Ready your weapons.”

This is why I hate necromancers:
1. They can bring back their minions after you kill them
2. They always know you are hiding no matter how stealthy you are because they have magic
With that, we entered combat. I leaped out from behind my cave wall and quickly located the most lethal point before throwing a dagger at the first skeleton I saw. He collapsed to the ground and disintegrated into a pile of ash. Rillian charged forward and took a swing at one of them and was able to kill them with ease. It was at that moment that I realized that I wasted my energy and effort on such a weak creature. After many rounds of killing skeletons, killing her pet rat-like creature, and her undead skeletal horseman two times in a row, we managed to kill the female Tiefling mage. After searching the bodies of the foes we killed, Iados found 3 pearls seeming to be of high value and a bag. Gingo and Iados both called out, “Oooh, a bag of holding…” Because it was he who found it, Iados was able to keep the bag of holding and the three pearls for himself. Spoiled brat. How come he gets all the treasure?

We still don’t know what to do with the box… Well I better get some rest so I can think clearly in the morning when we make our decision.

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 5

Well, we have our box, but now what do we do with it? We explored all there is to explore here, but we can’t just walk out of here with this box in our hands, can we? Whatever happens, we need to get out of this stupid dungeon. I’m sick of this place. Not much happened between now and the last rest…

Being stealthy, I opened the door to the next room without being noticed, however, my loud and klutzy brother made a distinct noise and startled a hobgoblin that I was going to sneak up on. The hobgoblin stood next to a ring of stone with a bunch of lit coals. We entered combat bloodying the creature fairly quickly; however it managed to throw burning coals at my whole party igniting them aflame. I luckily was able to dodge one flying coal as the rest stopped in front of me. He then proceeded to call in reinforcements. If there is anything I hate more than pests in this world, it is pests who shout for reinforcements. Reinforcements came and were able to attack me from behind and attack my brother from the side. We quickly exterminated them and dealt with the hobgoblin. After defeating them we searched a few rooms and found some items that may be of importance later. With that, we rested.

So what? Are we going to just leave this wretched place? We didn’t forget anything did we? That dragon only owned a small portion of this area because Malarath, the Black rider took the rest over. With him gone, the dragon will surely take the whole place for his own… Ooh and he has treasure. I want a piece of that before we leave… I can’t just walk away with an armful of treasure in my hands without being caught though… We will need to kill him first… That’s it. We will kill the dragon, take the treasure and get out of here.

Exxidion's Mind Ch. 4

Well today was a very successful day, but something just doesn’t add up… Maybe if I go over the events that took place here today, I will have some luck…

The pale Assassin. The Rider in Black. The mystery of the box. We proceeded through rooms fighting monsters until we came upon human guards and a strange, pale, human looking creature. We started fighting and in-between slashes, I asked the pale one why he was here. He replied that he is just paid to kill intruders. He isn’t even with the guards. Rillian told him we would pay him if he doesn’t attack us. He replied, “Deal with the guards first we’ll see how things turn out”. He then took a defensive stance as we dealt with the guards. After slaying the guards, the pale one said he would tell us everything he knows if we let him free. He told us that Traevis and this Necromancer who hired him have been fighting over this chest for years. He also said the Necromancer is in the room to the right. We spared the pale assassin and let him go. After a 5 minute rest, and a thorough investigation for traps, we continued to the necromancer’s room. Even though I was stealthy in opening the door, he magically sensed our presence and told his skeletal minions and enormous zombie to deal with us. The battle began and ended within 5 minutes and we killed the necromancer and his troops. I recognized the necromancer as the rider in black who lead the goblin ambush and the stealing of the box. A chest revealed 200 gold coins. I took five of them, and gave everyone including myself 25 each. Since I promised my next find to Soveliss, he took 25 of my 30 coins. The box which we needed to return was on a table and open. I was told not to look into the box so I didn’t. The rest of my party, however, thoroughly studied the box and its contents. They then proceeded to ruin my innocence by relaying their findings to me. Inside the box was a powerful necromancy skull. We decided to take a rest in the room for the night. This leads to my current position now. It still doesn’t add up… What would Traevis want with this skull? He obviously knows that it’s in the box because he told me not to look in it. Is Traevis a necromancer too? Is he trying to destroy the skull? If we get caught carrying this around, we will be imprisoned and then killed by town guards. We can’t just give him the skull. If he is a necromancer, he could kill us easily with that kind of firepower. Maybe we could bury the box outside the cave and tell Traevis where it is buried so he can dig it up. That would give us a chance to spy on him and figure out what he intends to do with such an object. Nonetheless, I will rest for now and my thoughts may be answered later…


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